Monday, 10 March 2014

We Are Wolves @ Le Petit Chicago

I rarely cross the bridge from Ottawa to Gatineau but Saturday night, I made an exception. To celebrate my best girlfriend Elly's birthday, I headed over to Le Petit Chicago to check out Montreal indie rock group group We Are Wolves.

I had already seen this group open for SUUNS at Zaphod's last October and they left quite an impression on me. Even my dad loved them! (Yes, I brought my dad to Zaphod's). The group is really fun to witness live. These guys are outrageous and insanely energetic!

Such an amazing show! And overall, a really fun night. I highly recommend you check out We Are Wolves, especially if they are playing a live show in your area. You will not be disappointed!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Mehdi Cayenne Club @ Mercury Lounge

Thursday night, my friends and I headed to Mercury Lounge to check out Mehdi Cayenne Club. I had seen the group play at Bluesfest a few years back, and I also had the chance to see frontman Mehdi Hamdad play a solo show at Pressed last Fall.

Hamdad is quite the entertainer. I always enjoy seeing him perform live because he is truly an artist. He is very expressive and you can tell that he genuinely love to perform. Here are a few images:

Overall, a really fun evening! You can check out Mehdi Cayenne Club's latest release "Na Na Boo Boo" here.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Photos: Craig Cardiff, Carolina Hum and co.

Tuesday night, I went to a free show at uOttawa, featuring Craig Cardiff along with Carolina Hum, Shawna Caspi and Giscar. I had heard of Cardiff for many years, and heard really great things about him as a musician. I was excited to finally see him live!

The evening started with a songwriting workshop, followed by a songwriters' circle. The Hugette Labelle Hall (in the Tabaret building) was absolutely stunning and the acoustics were great.

Here are a few pictures:

The show was great. All the performances were great, yet very different.  The thing that stood out the most for me was when Cardiff passed around his "Book of Truth". During his shows, he passes around a notebook and asked audience members to contribute to it by sharing their truths. He'll ask questions that audience members can answer in the book. I really like that idea. And I was really happy to contribute my truth.